Welcome to the website of Stefan Rippel’s  Directed Care Back Pain Clinic. In this website i will tell you about Stefan Rippel’s Directed Care Clinic. Who we are and what we do which includes Remedial Massage, Mobilization, Manipulative Therapy, TUI NA – TCM Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Pregnancy Programs, Bioenergy Treatments and Bach flowers consultations. Both together the clinic offers clients a combination of therapies to address a number of problems and as we say in “OSTEOMYOLOGY”, that describes exactly what we do.  We are practitioners in bone, muscles, ligament, tendons and nerves, using the appropriate disciplines that we are qualified in and are available to us, to bring relief and healing to our patients. As you see we are not Osteopaths or Chiropractors we are Osteomyologists; Osteo - Bone, Myo - Muscle, Ology - Study. We treat muscles as well as the joints, as we believe that any affected joint will have an effect on the muscles connected to that joint. We treat the patient as a whole not just a problem in the “back,” or “neck” etc.  After a proper individual assessment including the results of your MR analysis we design the most suitable and effective treatment personally for you.

Stefan Rippel’s

Directed Care Back Pain Clinic