Stefan Rippel Stefan Rippel has been working with back problems for more than twenty years. He is a qualified massage therapist and reflexologist who started his career in a hospital where he was involved in post-surgery rehabilitation, treating acute spine problems and stroke patients. Always keen to learn and expand his range of skills, Stefan at first started to study Tuina, a massage based branch of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. This was his first contact with energetic medicine and he soon realised that harmonizing Qi or life energy within the body of his clients brought an enormous increase in the results of his therapeutic work. At this time Stefan also started to practise Qi Gong which enabled him to control the flow of life energy within his own body. It did not take him long to discover the benefits of hands on healing. He was blessed to find the right teachers who were able to guide Stefan in discovering and developing his individual healing skills. After more than a decade of studying with Rosalyn L. Bruyere and Hyemeyosths Storm, Stefan found a more holistic approach to treat his clients in the hospital. As Stefan's work as a therapist continued he learned that he could do much more for the people as he was at the right place, but unfortunately he had to conceal what he was really doing and had to pretend to offer conservative therapy. As a consequence Stefan left the hospital and started to build up his own clinic. Until today he treated there a couple of thousand people with a success rate of approximately 80%. At the same time Stefan was involved in setting up a department for hands on healing in a cancer station in one of the biggest hospitals in Vienna. The job was to treat people undergoing radiation and chemotherapy and to improve their condition. The study which has been done on a sample of more than 500 clients who showed amazing results in pain relief stress reduction and a much better blood analysis as from those in the control group. During this time Stefan learned much more about pain relief than all the years before. Additionally he participated in the Aids Help Centre, Vienna, conducted workshops there and treated patients individually at the Pulmonary Centre. At this time he co-authored the Erasmus Reports of the European Union on complementary forms of therapy. He started a systematic documentation of his observations and experiences which later was the basis of Stefan's Directed Care Healing School. Today he teaches his method in Austria, the UK , the Netherlands, Greece and in Turkey.

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