Gentle Back Pain Relief for Pregnant Especially in the later periods of pregnancy back pain occurs quite often and gives a feeling of discomfort and stress to the mother in expectation. This happens because as more the pregnancy develops as more additional weight is to carry. In case if the stomach muscles already have not been in a perfect condition before pregnancy now they are overburdened to support the lower back in an appropriate way. This leads to an increasing tension of the back muscles and as a result of this to a state of pain. The "Directed Care" method provides comfort and complete relief of back pain during your pregnancy and of course also afterwards when you may develop problems from new postures you take whilst carrying and feeding your baby. Directed Care works on the deepest layer of your muscles to relax your back, your neck and your shoulders and make them free of any pain what brings them back to complete flexibility again. It is not like a massage or any kind of chiropractic treatment; it is conducted with Bioenergy which guarantees an extremely comfortable and relaxing experience during the session. You may feel a stream of warmth running along your spine and melting all your aches and pains away. All your batteries are going to be recharged and you will feel  refreshed and clear afterwards. Your Baby will like it too!

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