Publications Stefan's book “Healing Your Spine” is the first book about curing and preventing back pain which is based on energetic medicine. It shows the connecting links between all possible causes of back pain -physical, emotional, mental and energetic - and offers exercises and treatment techniques which are highly effective, safe and easy to learn and put into practice. Stefan's purpose in writing this book was to offer support to therapists as well as directly to those people suffering from back pain. The book will provide new ideas to those working with people suffering from spinal problems for example massage therapists, elderly care nurses and fitness trainers. It is also applicable for those 80% of the population who will experience back problems at some point of their life. It will not only help them to get rid but also to prevent back problems from reoccurring in the future. At the same time it will help the individual to gain access and develop their full potential. Amazon
Healiong Your Spinw by Stefan Rippel

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