Bioenergy Treatments Directed Care is an energetically hands on treatment to balance and recharge the human energy field. Directed Care provides a state of deep relaxation which gives you the feeling of a complete recharging of your batteries by opening your energy channels and balancing your body of light. Directed Care helps you to relief spinal problems and back pain. Directed Care can strengthen your immune system and will increase your general well being. Directed Care is successfully applied to reduce negative side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and as a general support for those suffering from cancer. Directed Care helps you to find emotional stability in difficult and challenging periods of life. Directed Care brings you in contact with your soul power and helps you to gain access to your spiritual skills. Customer Information related to Directed Care - Hands on Healing This kind of energetically Hands on Treatment is in general very safe and gives to you a comfortable feeling. Be aware that you will be physically touched by the therapist. The Directed Care Hands on Healing technique provides a great number of benefits. It can be applied as purification and recharging of the entire Aura. The effects of this are pain relief, stress reduction and a general strengthening of the immune system. The functions of several organs such as the liver, the spleen, the lungs and the kidneys will be optimized from such a treatment. At large it causes  better health conditions and a higher level of energy. Another branch of Directed Care focuses on spine and joint problems such as several degenerative changes, prolapsed disc, skolioses, neck and shoulder problems, headaches and lower back problems, hip and knee problems. Please bring your MR examination if available. The therapist may ask you to remove your clothes to have a better access on your back. To obtain a lasting pain relief there should be taken as a minimum three sessions within a week for severe cases, others may be successful with one. It can happen that the original pain increases within 24 hours after the first treatment. This is a normal reaction to the treatment and will disappear at latest after one day. In this case it is recommended to have another session to support the ongoing healing process. You may experience that your pain has gone immediately after the session but has come back within some hours later. Take under consideration that your problem has build up over a long period of time. For this reason one session may not be enough to achieve a permanent relief and you need to come back to find obtaining success.

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